If the story of Jesus finished with Good Friday we would probably never have heard of him. An itinerant preacher being crucified by the Roman authorities. There were probably hundreds of them confined to the anonymity of history.


But what makes the story of Jesus so different and so life changing and world changing is that on the third day after he was crucified he was alive! Death could not hold him and death is not the end for us. There is hope; there is resurrection.

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On this page are some links to the Good News of Easter. News that is as relevant now as it was 2000 years ago – news which can transform the sadness and depression of a Covid-19 locked down world into joy and celebration.


In 2019 Paul preached a sermon on Easter Day which is possibly even more relevant today. And Peter Law Jones' sermon for Easter Day last year is also worth re-reading.


Saltmine Theatre Company staged the Birmingham Passion Play in 2019. Follow the link to see how they interpreted the Resurrection of Jesus.


Search the internet and you will find many messages conveying the Christian hope that Easter brings – like this one from the Bishop of London.

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