Here are the activities we uploaded for Easter .....

Happy Easter!


Today is the day when we celebrate that Jesus' tomb was empty because Jesus is alive! 

Here are lots of things to do and to try as we celebrate Easter together!

First off, here's a video telling the story of that first Easter day........

Next, the fabulous Messy Church BRF support team have put together a whole bunch of things to do here .

Have a look - then have a go! 

If you fancy doing some colouring, here is a beautiful picture from New Zealand. If you've got some sparkles, maybe you could add those too!

For more ideas, have a look at this from our friends at Together at Home. So many things to do!

Finally, since there's no reason why the fun should be limited to the children, here's a little something to test how good young people and adults are at tracking down chocolate bars...

Have fun! And Happy Easter!

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