Here are the activities we uploaded for Good Friday...

On Good Friday, Christians remember that Jesus died on the cross so that we can be friends with God.

Here are some cross-based activities to do on Good Friday......

Dave the Donkey

First, you could watch this video about Dave the Donkey, to remind yourself of the story.

Go on a Cross hunt

You've heard of an Easter Egg hunt. How about doing a "cross hunt" in your house and garden. You'll be surprised how many you can find!

Here are a couple from our house, and you can find some more here

Maybe you could take a photo of the ones you see, and then we can add them to the page. Please email them to 

Make a cross

Perhaps you would like to make your own cross using things you can find in your home or garden.

Here are some more lovely pictures of crosses made by our friends in Dorridge and Bentley Heath.

See what you can do, then take a photo and send it to us, and we'll add yours as well....

Prayer Crosses

Good Friday is about forgiveness. Here is a beautiful way to say sorry and hand our regrets over to God.

You can download the instructions from here and the template from here.

Ps Unlikely as it might seem, it really works!! Have a go.

New Life Cross

Here's an activity to remind us that when Jesus died on the cross and rose again at Easter, he opened the way to a new life - in which we get a new start, a new friendship with God, a new (extra) family of everyone who is a child of God, and a new adventure as we live our lives with God.

The instructions are here; and the template is here

Stained glass window cross

Before people could read, stained glass was often used in church buildings to tell the story of Jesus.

Perhaps you could make a stained glass cross like this one to remind yourself of the story.

The instructions are here; and the template is here

Hot Cross Buns

Why not try making your own - they are delicious! (And if you look carefully, you can just see the cross on the top of one of the buns!)

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