Here are the activities we uploaded for Messy Church at Home on 16th May....

First up, you will need to download "How to do May Messy Church". This gives you the outline of what you will need, and guides you through running your own Messy Church at Home.

We know that you won't have much craft material left after all these weeks of lockdown, so everything can be made using basics like colours, paper and glue, and stuff from your recycling box. See here for the list.

All the activities, with the instructions and any templates you need, are further down the page.


Our theme this month is The Lord's Prayer.

You can download the video of the celebration from here. It will be available from 3pm on Friday 15th May.

Here are a couple of songs to join in with (sorry about the ads at the beginning 😟)

Father God you love me

(This video doesn't have the words, but you can find them here)

Lovely Jubbly

Our Father.jpeg

And all the individual activities are here......

Fortune teller.jpeg

The Lord's Prayer Chatterbox

"How to do..."


Amen biscuits.jpeg

Amen biscuits

"How to do...."


Prayer butterflies

"How to do...."

Our Father.jpeg

The Lord's Prayer bunting

"How to do...."

The Lord's Prayer

in a frame

"How to do..."