Here are the activities we uploaded for Messy Church at Home on May 15th......

Saturday 15th May is Messy Church at Home Day!

Goodness - don't the weeks whizz by?


This month we are thinking about praying. Praying sounds very complicated, but actually it's just about talking with God. Sometimes that can seem quite hard to do, so all our makes this time are things which can help us to pray.

Give them a try - and see which ones help you.

The resources list is here....


   and here's what we're doing....


Prayer pot

What to do...

Five-word prayer

What to do...


Prayer flowers

What to do...


Prayer hand

What to do...


Prayer places

What to do...

Suggested timings:

Before you begin: Find all the resources you need.

10am: Gather together everyone who is taking part, and say "Welcome to Messy Church" to each other.

10 - 11:10am: Do your making and activities.  

11:10am: Grab your toast and a drink and watch the Celebration on YouTube here, and then join in with the songs: 

Prayer is like a telephone

Lovely Jubbly

(Sorry about the adverts!)

11:30am: Say "Thank you for coming to Messy Church" and help to tidy up.