Welcome to our Messy Church page

Our next Messy Church will be on

Saturday 19th February

10 - 11:30am

This is the time of year when we observe the church season of Lent. This year it starts on Wednesday 2nd March*, so this month’s Messy Church will have a Lent theme. We’ll be thinking about Jesus in the wilderness, and about how we can get ready for Holy Week, Good Friday and Easter Day. (Spoiler alert – it’s not all about giving stuff up!)


We’ll be doing things with chocolate and with sand, building a temple out of junk, and making a washing line full of socks. And lots more besides. We’ll be in church, as we have been for the last couple of times, and this time we’re going to have a go at doing refreshments again. (Yay for chocolate spread on toast….!) Plus we’ll have our usual Celebration and a good sing as well!


However, as before, we will be asking adults to wear a face covering (unless exempt) when moving round the building; and we will have plenty of ventilation, so please bring your jumpers! We’ll be asking helpers to do LFTs before they come, and we hope that adults at least will feel able to do so as well.


Because some of the activities are on family tables, it’s a huge help to us if you can let us know that you’re coming, so we can pack up a box of craft-y goodies for you. The best way to do that is to email Kate at , telling us who’s coming and reminding us how old the children are! Alternatively, please phone (or text) Kate on 07809 481823, or call the Parish Office on 0121 745 8896. 


Please can you let us know by the evening of Thursday 17th Feb, so we have time to get everything ready for you.

If you've not been before, it's really helpful if you can print out and complete our registration form before you come. But don't worry if you can't - we'll have copies there.

See you soon!

*PS This means that Pancake Day is on 1st March. Put it on your calendar so you don't forget - everyone loves pancakes!!

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