Welcome to our Messy Church page

Although sadly we can't all get together for Messy Church In Real Life yet, there are still lots of creative and fun things we can do to help us to learn more about God and to talk to him.

On this page you will find everything we will be doing at Messy Church IRL, so even if you can't be there, you can still take part at home! And you can still take part in our previous activities by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page.

Saturday 17th July is Messy Church Day!

This month we are thinking about saying "Thank you" - to each other and to God, who gives us so much.

The resources list is here....


   and here's what we're doing....

Pasta jewellery.jpeg

Thank you for....Food

What to do...


Thank you for....Water

What to do...

Thank you for....Shelter

What to do...



Thank you for.... Education

What to do...

Thank you tag.jpeg

Suggested timings:

Before you begin: Find all the resources you need.

10am*: Gather together everyone who is taking part, and say "Welcome to Messy Church" to each other.

10 - 11:10am: Do your making and activities.

11:10am: Grab some toast and a drink and watch the Celebration on YouTube here, (it will be available from 4pm on Fri 16th July) and then join in with the songs: 

Thank you Lord for this new day

Lovely Jubbly

(Sorry about the adverts!)

Our next Saturday Messy Church will be on Aug 21st and, restrictions permitting, we'll be back together in Church House again.  Please watch this space for more details closer to the time. 

Please follow us on our Facebook page, @ShirleyParishB90, for updates.

For more information on all things Messy Church, including how to join our mailing list, please contact the Parish Office