Here are the activities we uploaded for Messy Church at Home on June 19th....

Saturday 19th June was our first Messy Church In Real Life for 15 months.

We thought about how we can care for God's wonderful Creation - and made promises to play our part in looking after it, however old we are.

The resources list is here....


   and here's what we did....

Melting icebergs 1.jpeg

*Do this one first!*

When the ice melts...

What to do...

Melting icebergs 2.jpeg

Coral reef

What to do...

Coral reef.jpeg
Sock caterpillar.jpeg

Sock bug

What to do...

Messy Growing

What to do...

Messy growing.jpg


Download your family pledge/promise here, colour it in, decide what you are going to do and put a tick or cross in the box. Maybe think of your own!

Suggested timings:

Before you begin: Find all the resources you need.

10am*: Gather together everyone who is taking part, and say "Welcome to Messy Church" to each other.

10 - 11:10 am: Do your making and activities.  

11:10am: Grab your toast and a drink and watch the Celebration on YouTube here, (it will be available from midday on Fri 18th June) and then join in with the songs: 

Morning has broken

Lovely Jubbly

(Sorry about the adverts!)

11:30am: Say "Thank you for coming to Messy Church" and help to tidy up