Here are the activities we uploaded for Messy Church at Home on February 20th......

Saturday 20th February is Messy Church at Home Day! 



The Bible is full of surprises! Full of people who we might not expect to be there! Over the next few Messy Church sessions we'll be thinking about some of these people, and what they can show us about being friends of God.

The first of our Tales of the Unexpected is about King David. He was an ordinary shepherd boy, until God chose him to become king. He had all sorts of adventures, but grew up to become a great leader. And the many-times-great-grandfather of Jesus.

So this month we're making things which will help us to tell the story of David's life. Here's what you will need - resources list.

And this is what we're making this time......

MC Chatterbox.jpeg

Fortune teller

How to do...

The Ark of the Covenant

How to do...


MC Ark.jpeg
MC Arrow.jpeg

Secret Message Arrow

How to do...

David's banner

How to do...


Suggested timings:

Before you begin: Find all the resources you need.

10am*: Gather together everyone who is taking part, and say "Welcome to Messy Church" to each other.

10 - 11am: Do your making and activities.  

from 11am: Make your drinks and toast, watch the Celebration on YouTube here, and then join in with the songs: 


Lovely Jubbly

(Sorry about the adverts!)


11:30am: Say "Thank you for coming to Messy Church" and help to tidy up

(*Of course, you can do all, or some, of Messy Church at whatever time suits you.)