Nature Count

From 5th - 13th June we are taking part in the national Caring for God's Acre survey of wildlife in churchyards.

Here is how you can get involved....


You are welcome to visit at any time during the week.

Everyone is asked to be careful of the uneven ground, to respect the graves and to observe COVID regulations.

Making a record:

Making a record is simple, there are just four things to make a note of:

  • Who – the recorder’s full name

  • What – the common (or scientific) name of the species you found – eg. swift, ladybird, daisy…

  • Where - St James' Churchyard, Church Road, Shirley, B90 2AX

  • When – include the day, month and year


You can log your results either on paper or using the online portal here.


The online portal offers two options. The first is for making a single entry. Further down the page, there is an option for entering several records at the same time e.g. a list of birds or wildflowers that you've seen.

Paper records can be posted through the door of the Parish Office and someone will upload them on to the online portal for you. Please make sure you include all the details above. 

Special sessions:

Although you can come any time, we have arranged some special sessions where people will be present to help.

Tuesday 8th June

10am -11am: An "active" hour, spotting wild flowers, grasses, ferns, lichens, mosses etc

11am - 12pm: A "quiet" hour watching for birds, insects and mammals (squirrels at least!)

Saturday 12th June

2pm - 3pm: An "active" hour, as above.

3pm - 4pm: A "quiet" hour, as above.

We hope you can join us.

If you have any questions, please contact the Parish Office on

0121 745 8896.