Here are the activities we uploaded for Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday we remember Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey, and how the people cheered and waved palm branches to welcome him.

Perhaps today it would look a bit more like this cartoon!

Cartoon credit Dave Walker

If you fancy making a palm tree (and maybe having your own procession round your living room singing "We have a King who rides on a Donkey") the instructions are here

You can also download the cartoon from here, and colour it in.

Here are some games, puzzles, colouring, things to think about and a prayer, all relating to Palm Sunday.

(With big thanks to Together at Home)

PS You can find the Bible Story here

You could also have a go at making a Palm Cross.

There are some instructions here, and a video here

Or you could just make your own simple cross out of two strips of paper.

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