Here are the activities from the Messy Church at Home page for Sunday 29th March 


The Lord’s Prayer cards

(particularly suitable for 3-6 year olds, but could be adapted for older children)


Download the instructions How to The Lords Prayer and the template 

Names for God dominoes

(particularly suitable for those aged 5+)


Download the instructions How to Names for God and the template 

Big thanks to FlameCreative for providing these brilliant ideas

Heading 1



If you haven’t already done so, how about making or colouring a rainbow and sticking it in your front window. (Templates are available from Google Images if you want to download one.) 


See how many rainbows the children can spot when you are out for your daily (socially distanced) walk.


In the story of Noah and the Ark, God sends the rainbow as a reminder of the promise of his love and protection. 

Here's a lovely idea for praying a rainbow - why not give it a go? (with thanks to Together at Home)

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