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Starting Out and Moving On

Maybe you're just wondering if there even is a God - let alone one who knows and loves us...

Or maybe you already know God, but want to find out more about what it means to "follow him"

If so, this page is for you!

In the beginning....

The START course.

Six lively and informal sessions learning from each other and from the front.  It begins by asking basic questions such as Does God exist? and if he does, does he care about me? It challenges us to think about whether our life would be better with God or without God, and it begins to make us think about Jesus - his life, death and resurrection – and the Holy Spirit.

Great for those with questions, or anyone who wants to refresh their faith from the very beginning.

We run this course two - three times a year. Please contact the Parish Office for more information, or to book a place.

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the next steps from the START course. This seven-session course again mixes group discussion with from the front learning and helps us to think about what living the Christian life means for us day by day, in terms of worship, relationships, ambition and more.

It's also a good option for anyone who has been coming to church for a while but hasn't had much recent experience of talking about faith outside worship services.

We run this course two-three times per year, usually following on from the START course. Please contact the Parish Office for more information, or to book a place. 

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