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Although there are still limitations on the number of people who can attend worship in person, we can still worship together from our own homes via YouTube or the telephone.

On this page you will find the links to enable you to join in.

Each Sunday at 10:30am we will be using our Morning Worship liturgy. Join in with the YouTube video - choose this week's from those available.

You can view the words for the prayers and responses by enabling subtitles - see here to find out how to do this.

An audio only version of the Sunday service can be accessed by dialling 0121 270 9089

On Sunday 16th May we will be thinking about prayer. The additional prayers, readings and sermon can be downloaded here.

The opening hymn is O Worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness and the service concludes with I the Lord of Sea and Sky

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The pewslip for 13th - 19th May draws together the latest news from around the Parish. It is available here. Pewslips for the past few weeks remain available here.

On Sunday 9th May we thought about being Friends of God. The additional prayers, readings and sermon can still be downloaded here.

The opening hymn was Angel voices ever singing. The other hymns were embedded in the video.

If you want to re-read or catch up on a sermon from a previous week you can find them here.

Reflective Worship

... now has its own page. Please click here.

Spiritual Communion

Are you finding it hard not being able to take communion during these strange times? The Church of England has put together some thoughts on spiritual communion which might be helpful.