Safe Worship in our buildings

We are delighted to be able to hold worship services in our buildings again.

On this page you will find the measures we are taking to keep everyone as safe as possible within national guidance.

  • Seating will continue to be arranged to maintain a reasonable distance between people who are not from the same household. Some seats in the pews in the St James building have been marked with an X, and we ask that these are not used. Wherever possible we have arranged the seating so no-one will have someone else directly exhaling over them.

  • Booking for services is not required. The stewards may invite you to sit in one of the transepts/crossings in the St James building, to maximise the number of people we can accommodate. 

  • We continue to request that face-coverings are worn, unless you are exempt. Please keep them on throughout the service, other than briefly to take communion. We are pleased to be singing again, but again please continue to wear a face covering during the hymns and songs.

  • Please use hand sanitiser on arrival.

  • It is much safer to socialise in the fresh air outside before or after the service, and we request that socialising in the buildings is kept to a minimum. 

  • Communion will be in one kind only (bread). Please maintain an appropriate distance from other worshippers when you come to receive.

  • A plate for offerings will be available at the back of the building on arrival. It will not be passed around during the service. If possible, we would be grateful if offerings could be made by cheque rather than cash. If you would like to make a regular offering (e.g. by standing order) please contact the Parish Office.