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About Shirley Parish

The Anglican Parish of Shirley stretches from the Birmingham border in the north to the Friar’s Gate/Costa roundabout in the south, and from Dingle Lane/Danford Lane/Prospect Lane in the east to Truemans Heath and Tidbury Green in the west. It is home to around 34,000 people. We have three churches - Christ the King at Widney Junior School, St James on Stratford Road, and St John at Tidbury Green, each with its own loyal congregation - but we increasingly act together to share God’s love with those who live and work in the parish (and beyond.)

Our intention is to “know Christ”, through worship and developing our own relationships with God; and to "make Christ known”, though our invitation and welcome, our words and our actions.

In common with everyone else, the pandemic meant we had to take a new look at what we do and how we do it. Through worship ("online, on the phone and on the page”), pastoral care, and as much social activity as we could safely undertake, we encouraged everyone to become more aware of God’s presence in them and with them in their every day lives, and so to deepen their relationship with Him.


We moved our monthly Messy Church online, and continued to support the Sparkhill Foodbank and other local charities caring for those in need.

As we (hopefully) move into a post-pandemic way of "being church" we are trying to make sure that we continue to act on what we learned during those first difficult months.

Our Sunday worship is now livestreamed, so those who are still wary of mixing with others, or who can no longer attend in person can still participate. Our new Welcome drop-in cafe is providing a place for people to enjoy coffee and cake, to reconnect with old friends and to make new ones, and the Craft Club is helping people to learn new skills. As we look towards the autumn and winter some of our study groups have moved online, as it's more convenient and comfortable to Zoom in than to turn out on a dark damp evening.


And for those who are uncomfortable with the digital world, we will shortly be starting "tech for beginners" sessions, to build confidence in getting online.

We are engaging with the broader Shirley community through community events such as the Covid memorial event in Shirley Park and our activities with schools; through expanding our local community links; and through our social media presence. We pray and work closely with the other churches in Shirley. 

Our Vicar, Rev Paul Day, is leading us in thinking and praying about how we will continue to grow and develop as we move forward from the pandemic into a new way of being, and of being church.

We hope and pray that you would like to become part of our journey. You can contact us here.