God is just as much with us in our messy everyday lives as when we worship together on Sundays.

On this page you will find some ideas and resources to help us in building our everyday relationship with God, through prayer and reading and reflection.

Daily Prayer for the Nation

The Archbishops are encouraging us to pray for a few minutes at 6pm each day as the Covid pandemic continues to cause so much pain across the nation and the world. You can use these words, your own words, or no words at all - just bring your pain and sadness, hopes and fears, requests and thanks givings to God in silence. Please join us. 


A short daily reading and reflection for each day until Easter Day can be accessed here. Join us on the journey......

Midweek Reflections

During Lent our Midweek Reflections are being replaced with opportunities to discuss the previous Sunday's sermon, as we think and pray about the future direction of the Church in Shirley Parish after the pandemic. 

At the end of each sermon, Paul will pose three questions for us to think and pray over. You can catch up with the sermons here .

The questions from Sunday 28th February are:

  • In what practical ways can the churches make a difference in the community of Shirley?  

  • What questions should we be asking about the way our world is? 

  • How can the churches (and we as individuals) respond to the climate change issue?

  • How do we make these things issues the whole church is involved in?

If you would like to join a Zoom discussion group, these will take place on Wednesdays at 7:30pm and Thursday at 2pm. Please click here to join - the room will be open 5 minutes before the start time to allow us chance to assemble, and each session will last around 1 hour. 

For those who prefer not to use Zoom, we suggest that you discuss the questions with a friend, and then feedback your thoughts either directly to Paul or via your phone-link contact.

Reflections will resume during Holy Week and continue after Easter as before.


If you want to re-read or catch up on a reflection from a previous week you can find them here.

Daily Prayer


It may be that a daily routine of prayer can help in your walk with God.


Church of England Birmingham publishes a daily prayer diary which you can find here. Or you can download a printable copy here.

And/or how about using the Church of England "daily offices"? You will find the words for Morning and Evening Prayer here. The links update daily with the day's lectionary readings.

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