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Meet the Team


Rev Paul Day

Paul knows the Parish well, having been Associate Vicar since 2017 prior to his appointment as Vicar in 2020. He is married to Kate, and between them they have 5 children and 12 grandchildren.  He is a keen cricket fan, an occasional skier and also loves the seas and mountains of the West coast of Scotland. He and Kate are trying to visit every inhabited Scottish island!

Associate Priest

Assistant Curate

Wendy M.jpeg

Rev Wendy Martin

You can find out more about Wendy here

ricahrd haynes_edited.png

Rev Richard Haynes

You can find out more about Richard here.

Our Readers

Sarah for website.jpg

Sarah Penfold
who has a special interest in children and families


Gill Gough
who has a special interest in ministry in care homes

Denise Smith
who has a special interest in pastoral care

Kate D for website.jpeg

Kate Day
who has a special interest in helping people to grow in their faith

Our Parish Wardens

Linda Pitt_edited.png

Linda Pitt

Gill Hanton

Retired and self-supporting clergy
who generously help out with some of the services in the Parish


Rev Theresa Jones

Wendy Carter.jpg

Rev Wendy Carter

Richard Postill.jpg

Rev Canon Richard Postill

Our Safeguarding Lead


Sue Harries
Please see here for our safeguarding information, including how to contact Sue.

Our Parish Operations Manager

Belinda Piasecki

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