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Church House

Church House situated opposite the main entrance to St James Church. With a large hall and kitchen and toilet facilities, it is the venue for many of our Parish activities.

A fully enclosed area at the back has recently been transformed into a safe and welcoming garden area, which is very popular with both children and grown-ups.


As well as being used for church activities, it's also available to hire for either regular or one-off events. Please see here for more information.

CH refurb

Church House Refurbishment: Aug - Sept 2022


Back in March, we were awarded a grant from Veolia, through the Landfill Communities Trust scheme.  This is an arrangement whereby community projects within 15 miles of a landfill site can request a grant from the waste company, who then set their donation against tax.

We were awarded a very generous grant of £25,425 to upgrade the infrastructure of our building with

  • Loft insulation

  • Upgrade of wiring

  • LED lighting

  • An alarm in the disabled toilet

  • New emergency lighting

  • New heating with infra-red electric panels on the ceilings  (our gas boiler was 40 years old and on its last legs)

  • Some redecoration (kitchen and lobbies to start with).


As well as providing this much needed modern heating and lighting, the project aimed to reduce the carbon footprint of the building.


The Landfill Communities Fund required a 10% payment from a partner organisation because they only get a 90% reduction in tax. The Friends of St James have provided this and been very supportive with all the paperwork.

Work is now complete and Church House is back in use, although some redecoration will be taking place later in the year. Thanks to further very generous donations, a defibrillator will be sited on the front wall of Church House shortly.

While scoping the work, we realised that there were a number of cold spots in the hall which would also benefit from insulation. We are delighted that we have now received a grant from the Lottery Community Fund for this work, which will take place later in the year. One day, we might even have solar panels to help power our heating! This is all about thinking ahead.

This feels quite a big undertaking - but very exciting and in keeping with the great sense of hope and purpose in our community as we move on after Covid.

 If you have any questions, please contact Kate Crocker 07562 664163

Renting Chuch House

Renting Church House


 The facilities include:

  • A single room that can seat up to 60 people

  • The use of chairs and folding tables

  • A spacious and well equipped kitchen

  • Full toilet facilities, including a disabled toilet/baby changing room.

Church House is used extensively by the parish and is rented by other groups on a regular basis.  It can also be rented for single events.

If you are interested in renting Church House, either for regular meetings of your organisation, or for a one off event, please contact the Parish Office for details of availability and charges.


The Parish Office can be contacted on 0121 745 8896 between 9:30am-12:30pm, Monday - Friday, or . 

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