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If you would like to read a sermon preached at any of our services please click on the appropriate link below.

Sunday 16th June (ST James) - Maker of heaven and earth - Paul Day

Sunday 16th June (St John's and CtK) - Creator God - Kate Day

Sunday 9th June (St John & CTK) - One God, the Father, the Almighty - Rev Paul Day

Sunday 9th June (St James) - One God, the Father, the Almighty - Rev Richard Haynes

Sunday 2nd June - Volunteer Sunday - Rev Paul Day

Sunday 2nd June (Reflective Worship) - Goodness - Rev Paul Day

Sunday 26th May (St James) Trinity - Kate Day

Sunday 26th May (St John & CtK) Trinity - Rev Richard Haynes

Sunday 19th May (St John's and CtK) Pentecost - Denise Smith

Sunday 12th May (St James) God's Protection - Sarah Penfold

Sunday 5th May (St James) Identity and belonging - Rev Richard Haynes

Sunday 5th May (Reflective Worship) Patience - Kate Day


If you are looking for an older sermon, please check back in our Sermons Library by clicking here. This contains an archive of sermons preached in our churches from July 2018 to April 2024

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