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If you would like to read a sermon preached at any of our services please click on the appropriate link below.

Sunday 25th February (St James) - Jesus be the Centre - Kate Day

Sunday 25th February (St John & CTK) - Lent, Light and darkness - Rev Richard Haynes

Sunday 18th February (St James) - Lateral Thinking - Sarah Penfold

Sunday 18th February (CtK and St John's) - Lent - Denise Smith

Ash Wednesday 14th February - I wonder - Rev Paul Day

Sunday 11th February (St James) -  Seeing in a new light - Rev Richard Haynes

Sunday 11th February (St Johns & CTK) - The Mountain Top - Rev Paul Day

Sunday 4th February - A bigger picture - Kate Day

Sunday 4th February (Reflective Worship) - Joseph - Rev Paul Day



Sunday 28th January (St James) - Baptism and the journey of faith - Rev Paul Day

Sunday 21st January (St James) The Wedding at Cana - Rev Paul Day

Sunday 21st January (St John's & CtK) "Do whatever he tells you" - Kate Day

Sunday 14th January (St James) - Listening to God - Rev Paul Day

Sunday 7th January (Reflective Worship) - Epiphany - Sarah Penfold

Sunday 7th January - Epiphany - Rev Richard Haynes

Sunday 31st December (St James) - The Shepherds - Sarah Penfold

Sunday 31st December (CtK) - New Year, New Life - Denise Smith

Christmas Eve Midnight - Christmas changes everything - Rev Paul Day

Sunday 17th December (St Johns & CTK) - John the Baptist - Sarah Penfold

Sunday 17th December (St James) - Saved from and Saved for - Rev Paul Day

Sunday 10th December - Listening to John the Baptist - Rev Richard Haynes

Sunday 3rd December - Not wasting the waiting time - Rev Paul Day

Sunday 26th November (St John & CtK) - Christ the King - Rev Paul Day

Sunday 19th November (St John  St James) - The Parable of Abundant Life - Kate Day

Sunday 12th November (St James) - Remembrance Sunday - Rev Paul Day

Sunday 12th November (St John and CtK) - Remembrance Day - Rev Richard Haynes

Sunday 5th November - Saints and Prayers - Rev Richard Haynes

Sunday 29th October (St James) - Thine is the Kingdom - Sarah Penfold

Sunday 22nd October (ST John & CTK) - Persistence - Rev Richard Haynes

Sunday 22nd October (St James) - Please God (Lord's Prayer 3) - Rev Paul Day

Sunday 15th October (St James) - The Lord's Prayer 2 - Forgiveness - Rev Paul Day

Sunday 15th October (St John's & CtK) - "Forgive us our sins.. as we forgive" - Kate Day

Sunday 8th October (St John & CTK) - Lords Prayer - Adoration - Rev Paul Day

Sunday 1st October (Reflective Worship) - Think on these things - Rev Paul Day

Sunday 17th September (St James) - Forgiveness - Rev Paul Day

Sunday 10th September (St John's and CtK) - Second chances - Denise Smith 

Sunday 10th September (St James) - Real relationships - Kate Day

Sunday 3rd September (Reflective Worship) -  Living out Jesus' story - Kate Day

Sunday 3rd September - So What? - Rev Paul Day

If you are looking for an older sermon, please check back in our Sermons Library by clicking here. This contains an archive of sermons preached in our churches from July 2018 to Aug 2023.

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