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If you're not able to join us in person for our Morning Worship at St James this week, you may like to watch our livestream. Please click here from 10:25am on Sunday 10th April. The same link will take you to a recording after the service.

Our next Reflective Worship will be at 3:30 pm on March 6th 2022 at St John's. Rev Lynn Busfield will be joining us in our series of reflections thinking about some small words with big meanings, by pondering the idea of "mercy".

Reflective Worship will be taking place at St John's, Tidbury Green at 3:30pm on Sunday 6th March. We will be welcoming Rev Lynn Busfield, chaplain to two of the Birmingham hospices, who will be reflecting on "mercy". If you're not able to attend in person, the service will be recorded, and available on YouTube from Tuesday morning

We’re sure you are finding it as difficult to negotiate this world of virus, vaccines and fluctuating infection rates as we are. Safety for families and helpers remains our top priority, and we request/recommend that adults wear a face-covering when moving around the building – and when we’re singing. We’re also sure you will appreciate that if we need to adjust these arrangements to keep things safe then we will. 

Thank you

In order to maintain appropriate social distancing, each service will be limited to 25 places. Sadly, this means that we have to ask people to book to attend a service.

Please phone the Parish Office (0121 745 8896) on

Friday between 9:30am and 12:30pm to book for Sunday


Wednesday between 9:30am and 12:30pm to book for Thursday

Names and  contact details will be collected in line with national guidance, and destroyed after 3 weeks.

So we can make the services as safe as possible, please be aware that the following arrangements will be in place:

  • To avoid congestion at the doorway, arrival and departure times will be staggered. You will be given a five-minute arrival 'time slot' when you book, and we would ask that you observe this.

  • On arrival, the stewards will direct you to a designated seat in the building.

  • Please wear a face covering, unless you are exempt. Masks will be available if necessary.

  • Please use hand sanitiser as directed.

  • Please refrain from social interaction whilst within the building.

  • The service will be spoken quietly, with no loud acclamations or singing. The hearing loop will be in use, so please switch hearing aids to the appropriate setting.

  • Communion will be in one kind only (bread) and will be brought you by the celebrating minister. Other than in an emergency, please do not leave your designated seat during the service.

  • A plate for offerings will be available at the back of the building on arrival. It will not be passed around during the service. If possible, we would be grateful if offerings could be made by cheque rather than cash. If you would like to make a regular offering (e.g. by standing order) please contact the Parish Office.

  • At the end of the service, the stewards will direct members of the congregation out of the building.

We hope that you will appreciate that these arrangements are necessary to keep everyone as safe as possible.

We also hope that the stillness and quiet prior to the service will help in your preparation for worship.

These arrangements will be reviewed regularly in line with national and Cof E Birmingham guidance, and our local experience.